A well-known online greetings card supplier wanted to provide their customers with an experience. The customer turned to Anton Floyd to create a box that the end users will keep their greeting cards in, and then repurpose after the product is gone.


Anton Floyd, Inc. worked with the customer to come up with a concept that embodies both function and beauty. The box is designed to feel like a drawer, so the customer feels like they keep their greeting cards in a special drawer. This creates attachment to the branded box, so that the customer will repurpose it after the greeting cards are gone. The customer loves texture to create elegance and the feel of luxury. The box, also, needs to hold up to normal wear and tear so that it may be repurposed by the end user. Anton Floyd provided a range of options for the customer to choose from giving the customer the look, feel, and sturdiness they desired to create the end user experience, which holds up to repeated use, and is visually appealing. Anton Floyd, Inc. brought the customer’s vision to life through diligent execution, creative design, and meticulous manufacturing.

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